ANGOLA MEDICALEXPO  2016 is a chance to  benefit from opportunities with industry peers, get the chance to meet the target audience  seeking the best solutions to their requirements! It is a great way to keep up to date with the latest developments in Angola’s newly growing sectors.

There are many ways of sourcing product and supplier information, but only exhibitions allow you to put a suppliers’ claims comprehensively to the test – by examining the products for yourself, questioning their creators, and comparing and contrasting their performance.

• MEDICALEXPO is a chance to evaluate competing solutions across every equipment category.
• MEDICALEXPO is a platform to position your company among the foremost organizations in the global scale.
• MEDICALEXPO is an opportunity to generate publicity and enhance your profile as a trusted brand and market leader.
• MEDICALEXPO is a way to experience all the benefits of our highly effective, innovative marketing support, helping you maximise your return on the show.
• MEDICALEXPO is a chance to increase your brand awareness.
• MEDICALEXPO is a path to generate a large volume of sales lead.